Radiation Level Monitoring in Kyiv

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 1, 2023
Radiation Level Monitoring in Kyiv

7 radiation sensors have been installed to analyse pollution and transmit data to the "Kyiv Digital" mobile app

Standard Russian blackmail about a nuclear missile attack on Kyiv, as well as Russian actions at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, became the reason for several state measures to protect the Ukrainian population from radioactive exposure. In particular, a network of 7 sensors for measuring radioactive contamination was installed in the capital. Air analysis is carried out around the clock, and the data is sent to a mobile application installed on the phone of any Kyiv citizen Kyiv Digital. Thus, if the Kremlin uses nuclear weapons against Kyiv, the citizens will know what is happening outside the window and when it is safe to go out.

Previously, there were 5 such sensors in Kyiv. The other day, several patrons of the capital donated 2 more to the city. Now they are in almost every district: Podolsky (2 sensors, since this is the historical centre of Kyiv), Holosiivsky (2 sensors, because this is the central region), Shevchenkovsky, Svyatoshinsky, Dniprovsky, Darnytsky.

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