Registration of Ukrainian Sim-Cards by Passport

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Registration of Ukrainian Sim-Cards by Passport

A new supplement to the “Electronic communications act” has been in force since 1 January 2022

According to the draft law, Ukrainians need to attach the phone sim cards to the official document — the passport. Contract numbers are required before 1 January 2025. The subscriber's new electronic identification modules will be issued only after binding to the passport. This makes it possible to protect phone owners and other people.

By doing so, it is possible to avoid mobile-based fraud. The law will also allow other problems to be resolved. For example, finding a stolen phone or protecting a bank card. Almost every Ukrainian uses internet banking and, in the event of a stolen telephone, is threatened with personal data and personal funds. The law will allow protecting bank funds if 85% of unregistered numbers on the territory of Ukraine will receive their official owners.

"For example, a citizen has a bank card tied to a specific telephone number. The fraudster manipulates the card by using the mobile owner’s number. The victim seeks help from the cyber police, and the cyber police contact the cell operator. But if it’s not a contract number, the operator can’t help the law enforcement. In fact, the number is essentially a nobody," the Ukrainian deputy and chairman of the board of the Internet-Association of Ukraine Oleksandr Fedienko explained the government's decision.

Passport identification will make it possible to recover the lost mobile number quickly, configure the internet, etc. Users of mobile services who do not bind mobile numbers to a passport will not access all these services.

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