Representative Office of a Foreign Company in Ukraine

by Anastasiia Lieberman
Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Representative Office of a Foreign Company in Ukraine

For the last decade, Ukraine has been welcoming foreign entrepreneurs who have chosen this country to start and develop their business. Here you can implement any ideas and open your own startups

A foreign company can expand its business on the territory of Ukraine by opening its representative office in this country. This will at least provide an opportunity to expand the prospects for further development of your business.

In general, there are many reasons why it is worth opening a branch in Ukraine. The country is located in a favorable geographical position, which makes it convenient to supply goods both from and in to many countries in Europe and Asia. Many things are much cheaper than in America or Europe, besides, there are lower tax rates, as well as state support in certain areas of business.

The country is attractive in terms of capital investments in the development of the construction sector, the real estate market and many others. Resort areas are well developed in Ukraine. Foreign investors are also interested in investing in domestic state loan bonds, which have become a wonderful alternative to bank deposits.

But when the topic comes to opening a business for foreigners in Ukraine, many people consider this issue quite complex and full of pitfalls, but this opinion is erroneous.

The seemingly complicated procedure for registering a company in Ukraine is actually a simple algorithm of actions that our specialists thoroughly know and conduct.

What does our company do? GT Invest helps at all stages of opening and running a business for a foreigner throughout Ukraine! We help with the legal registration of the company, with the collection of accompanying documents and obtaining licenses.


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