Restoration of Work of Metallurgical Plants of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, March 31, 2022
Restoration of Work of Metallurgical Plants of Ukraine

On March 28, it was decided to resume the work of all possible metallurgical plants in Ukraine

Infrastructure minister Oleksandr Kurbakov told about the plan of return to work of metal processing plants. According to him, some plants will start work from the beginning of the week. For security reasons, the minister did not announce the names of the enterprises but said that they were sufficient.

It can be assumed that factories located in the occupied territories and hot zones can not work, or people will refuse to manufacture products for the enemy.

But Ukrainians free of occupation will soon come to work. It is planned that the volume of work will be large enough to meet the country's needs and resume export.

"In the last weeks, we have been working actively with industry to restore production, our production, and export potential. Tangible things — last week we have passed the whole metallurgical complex, already there are results," Oleksandr Kurbakov said.

The minister also noted that there are transportation difficulties. Due to the hostilities, it became impossible to use some roads, all ports. Thus, while factories restart production, the government develops new logistics ways.

It should also be noted that the Ukrainian agricultural sector also works. The sowing campaign has even begun in dangerous areas. It is this industry that accounts for up to 90% of Ukraine's exports.

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