Results of the Meeting of Johnson and Zelenskyy

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Results of the Meeting of Johnson and Zelenskyy

On June 17, the British prime minister visited Kyiv: military training program, arms supply, reparations

Boris Johnson turns into the best friend of Ukraine. British politician came to Kyiv without warning. But the prime minister was scheduled to attend a conference in England that day.

"Mr. president, Volodymyr. It is good to be in Kyiv again," Johnson surprised followers on Twitter.

Note that the British prime minister already in the second comes to Ukraine on February 24.

During the meeting, the politician stated the need to strengthen sanctions and support Ukraine. The representative of Britain also believes that Russia should be punished in every sense. In addition to the punishment of war criminals, the procedure of restoring Ukraine at the expense of the Russian Federation should be carried out. Johnson paid particular attention to reparations.

Military support was also discussed during the meeting. Within the framework of British assistance, financial and military supplies were discussed. Ukraine again focused on the need for heavy weapons and modern air defense systems. In addition, Johnson suggested that Zelenskyy start a program of military training. Implement the program is planned on the territory of England. According to Johnson, in four months, it will be possible to train about 10.000 soldiers.

"The Ukrainian military is suffering casualties, but I must tell you that Putin's troops, too, appear to be under heavy pressure and losing a lot of people. They (Russian soldiers — editorial staff) expend a huge amount of ammunition — artillery and other shells. 114 days after the attack on Ukraine, the Russian command still failed to achieve the goals it intended to achieve in the first week," summed up Boris Johnson after the meeting.

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