Romania to Build Ammunition Plant

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Romania to Build Ammunition Plant

The production launches in cooperation with the USA and South Korea

The Romanian minister of economy Florin Spataru that the country will have a plant to produce NATO-type weapons and other classifications. Partnerships between countries have already been established. The financial plan was also approved. The Romanian Ministry of economy allocated €160 million to the project. It is also reported that private investment of companies from partner countries has been attracted. Therefore, Romania is beginning to build a powder factory that can generate enough to produce ammunition of different types.

The main objective of cooperation and construction work is described as the protracted COVID-19 pandemic and military action in a neighbouring country. Thus, events force each country to care about its security and depend less on import.

The new plant should replace the analogue closed almost 20 years ago. It is expected that the powder factory will be able to provide the necessary supplies to the country and possibly meet the needs of other countries.

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