Russia at a distance of 20 kilometers from NATO

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, March 13, 2022
Russia at a distance of 20 kilometers from NATO

13 March Russian missiles hit the Lviv region

Ukrainian Lviv is a soul and cultural capital with a centuries-old history. In this area live true Ukrainians. But on March 13 they suffered. The head of the Lviv State Administration reported on the raid of the occupiers. Near 30 aerial bombs were dropped on the Yavoriv military firing range. The enemy sent missiles from the Black Sea.

Under the rubble were found 35 dead Ukrainians. Another 134 people are in the hospital with various degrees of injury.

Such a move by the Russian military is nothing but the extermination of an insurmountable nation and a possible warning to the world. The missile attack took place only 20 kilometers from the border with Poland.

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