Russia Avenges Kazakhstan for Supporting EU Sanctions

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 8, 2022
Russia Avenges Kazakhstan for Supporting EU Sanctions

The government of Kazakhstan announced a ban on the transit of Russian goods

President of Kazakhstan Qasym-Jomart Toqaev shows tacit support to Europe. First, he announced an increase in gas transit to European countries. According to the media, Tokaev believes that his country’s gas is capable of partially replacing Russian fuel. Secondly, the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan is preparing a new document on the support of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

As it became known after Toqaev announced gas supplies, the country’s largest oil field exploded. The government does not comment on the version of the attack. However, it starts working on a ban on the import of goods from the Russian Federation.

Kazakh authorities plan to impose a ban on transit goods. The ban applies to any goods prohibited for sale in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. After the order comes into force, the tax and customs service must give a reply within 1 day regarding the transit of the goods. However, the Kazakh authorities declare their intention not to certify electronic invoices for any cargo falling under the sanctions of the European Union. 

It should be noted that even with the approval of the tax authorities or border guards, trucks and ships can not cross the border without a government invoice. Kazakhstan plans to operate openly and announced the publication of an open list of ban goods.

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