Russia Cancels May 9 Parades

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Russia Cancels May 9 Parades

Kursk, Belgorod and the occupying "authorities" of the temporarily annexed Crimea said that there would be no "victory" marches

May 9 is a day when Russia celebrates its "victory over the nazis" in 1945. But the sick prioritisation inherent in the Russian political authorities turned the day of the end of the greatest tragedy of the 20th century into an orgy of drunken boomers shouting, "We can repeat!" In 2022, when Russia attacked Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers often found dress uniforms in Russian tanks and other abandoned/reclaimed equipment. That is, the Russians really thought that they would be able to conquer Kyiv in 3 days and go through the "victory march" along Khreshchatyk.

The occupiers' plans for Khreshchatyk did not materialise. And on May 9, the Russians were not watching a victory parade but the dull face of Putin, who was trying to make sense of the failure on all fronts. This year, after 413 days of the war against Ukraine, the Russians began to realise that not everything was going according to plan, and in order to preserve themselves, they decided not to hold demonstrations, the immortal regiment march and the parade on May 9th. Last week, this was the decision of the regions located on the border with Ukraine Kursk and Belgorod. And today, April 12, the occupying "authorities" in Crimea have also cancelled all festivities "for security reasons."

Glory to Ukraine.

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