Putin Is Ready to Sacrifice St. Petersburg to Seize Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 19, 2022
Putin Is Ready to Sacrifice St. Petersburg to Seize Ukraine

Satellite photos showed that the RF moved air defence systems from the centre of the country to the occupied Ukrainian territories

Finnish newspaper Yle published an article about the Russian military crisis. Besides the fact that Russians are massively afraid and refuse to mobilize, Russian military equipment was not ready for a long war. Yle published satellite photos taken in August and September 2022. Satellite imagery was obtained from private companies by order of publication. The images show that Russia has moved many anti-aircraft missiles toward Ukraine, including from Saint Petersburg.

It is reported that the central cultural heritage of the Russian Federation, the city of Saint Petersburg, has long been cordoned off by 14 anti-aircraft missile bases. Now some bases are empty.

"According to the photos, 4 anti-aircraft bases have been cleared of equipment," quotes Yle military expert and retired major Marco Eklund.

The expert also believes that the Russian Federation has weakened anti-missile defence in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg because it needs missiles for the war against Ukraine. Russian soldiers removed about 120 rockets from the bases.

"These old missiles are being used against ground targets in such a way as to cause as much damage as possible to civilians," major Eklund concluded horribly.

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