As Russia and Said: the EU Opened a Laboratory in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 5, 2022
As Russia and Said: the EU Opened a Laboratory in Ukraine

In Kyiv opened a laboratory of cyber defence for the Ukrainian military

The European external action service website informed about establishing the first EU laboratory in Ukraine. The European Union financed the project. The organization provided the necessary equipment and protection systems and also made financial contributions. The new project aims to create a cyber defence for members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The laboratory will work in Kyiv in several directions. The first of them is a training base. The training platform will be used to enhance cybersecurity skills. Training on cybersecurity will be provided to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is planned that the improvement of knowledge will take place thanks to simulators. The military will solve realistic scenarios of hacker attacks. The lab says that this will improve the military’s skills and help determine which cyber attack will give specialists less time to react. In addition, the Ukrainian military in the laboratory will be able to protect their and the Ukrainian cyber environment from attacks by Russia.

The Kyiv laboratory will be supported by the European Peace Foundation. Such an event is an additional opportunity for Ukraine to develop. For Russia, the European laboratory is a new reason for propaganda.

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