Russia Made a New Big Statement

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Russia Made a New Big Statement

Russian TV channels say that Ukraine may have created monkeypox 

The civilized and scientific world reported a new outbreak a few weeks ago. Monkey smallpox replaced Covid-19, which 3 years ago captured the whole world. European scientists have accurately identified the causes and location of the disease. An unexpected outbreak occurred in Africa. Usually, the disease develops due to human contact with a sick (smallpox) animal. At present, African countries and some European regions are suffering from the disease.

At the same time, Russian propaganda channels are beginning to spread information that Ukraine was the cause of the virus.

"In Ukraine sanitary and epidemiological surveillance has been eliminated. There are more than 30 American biological laboratories and there were carried out illegal expirations. They are not only military corporations but also giants of the pharmaceutical industry," said a Russian military expert, a member of the United Nations biological and chemical weapons commission from 1998 to 2003, Ihor Nikulin.

However, this thread of propaganda against Ukraine is ill-tuned. First, monkey smallpox is not a new disease. The first outbreak of the disease was registered in 2003. People brought infected rodents from Africa as pets. Rodents have spread smallpox to other animals and humans. Secondly, there are no recorded cases of monkey smallpox in Ukraine. If the virus were in Ukraine, it would have been leaked long ago because of the military action that Russia began on February 24. 

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