Ukrainians Closed $5.2 Mln Fundraising for Country Protection 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 17, 2022
Ukrainians Closed $5.2 Mln Fundraising for Country Protection 

On October 16, the collection for the purchase of the "Shahed catcher" was completed

On October 14, Ukraine’s Defender’s Day, the country announced a large financial gathering for the purchase of devices capable of disabling Iranian suicide drones that take the lives of ordinary people. As an encouragement, United24 and its co-organizers have produced gifts for depositors.

The fundraising was closed in less than 24 hours, but there were many donats. Therefore, the organizers extended the collection for another day. On 16 October, the action was completely stopped. The group at Telegram, for a quick update on the collection, reported several contributions worth $2.720. The total amount raised was $5.2 million.

Most of all, people from:

  • Kyiv — 20.93%;
  • Dnipro — 5.50%;
  • Kharkiv — 5.37%;
  • Lviv — 4.09%;
  • Odesa — 3.33%;
  • Zaporizhzhia — 2.41%;
  • Kryvyi Rih — 1.65%;
  • Vinnytsia — 1.53%;
  • Mykolayiv – 1.41%;
  • Cherkasy – 0.96%.

It is also known that men have transferred more funds than women. The ratio of women has reached 46.61%, and men 53.38%. At the same time, the participants are different. Most of the funds were transferred by people aged 25-34 (40.40%) and 18-24 (22.04%). It is known that young people aged 6 to 17 years have spent 4.07% of the total amount of the fee. It is also interesting that iOS owners were more active (62.76%) than people with Android  (37.23%).

All funds are spent on the acquisition of modern equipment, which will help to stop the strike of the Iranian Shaheds. However, for security reasons, the type of weapon does not name. So, Ukrainians want to win and, for this purpose, not even get money from the piggybanks.

We remind you that today Shahed-136 killed 4 persons, including a pregnant woman. 

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