Russia Threatens the Independence of Poland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 15, 2022
Russia Threatens the Independence of Poland

Russian Federation stated that Poland is ruled by nazis and they should be removed from power

Poland is a country in Eastern Europe, bordering Ukraine. Poland has previously hosted Ukrainian residents who wanted to live in Europe and work. But Russia’s attack on the Ukrainian people has shown that Poland is more than a country to earn a living. 3 million Ukrainians have moved to Poland since the beginning of the war-2022. Moreover, the Polish government provides humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine.

This became the cause of Russia’s discontent. At first, Russian propagandists and politicians threatened without specific names and appeals. Russia’s main threat was a nuclear missile. But now Russia is openly declaring that they are ready to attack Poland.

Oleh Morozov, chairman of the control committee of the lower house of the federal assembly — parliament of the Russian Federation, made an open statement during the new session. An influential politician said that Poland is a threat to the civilized world. According to Morozov, the Polish authorities are nazis. The Russian parliament named the incumbent president Andrzej Duda the main Polish fascist.

"Poland urges us to put it first after Ukraine in the denazification queue," said Morozov at the meeting.

The threats to Poland came after Duda announced that Russia would have to pay Ukraine war indemnities and compare the aggressor country with cancer.

The Netherlands is also called enemies of the "Russian world". By the way, this country intends to submit an official application for NATO membership this summer.

On the morning of May 15, Russia fired 4 missiles at the Polish border. The missiles hit a military infrastructure facility in the Yavorovskyy district, which is a few kilometers from the Polish border.

"Today, May 15, at about 04:30 a. m., a missile attack was carried out on the territory of the Lviv region from the Black Sea. Two missiles of the Zapad military complex were shot down, 4 hits on a military facility. Fortunately, the facility was completely destroyed. There were no casualties," the head of the Lvivska military administration, Andrii Kozitskyy.

We remind you that this is not the first time that Russia is trying to intimidate Poland: a Russian missile has already been dropped on the border of a NATO member state and the European Union before.

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