Russian Army Repeat Execution in Olenivka

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, September 18, 2022
Russian Army Repeat Execution in Olenivka

On September 18, Russian armed forces shelled a colony where Ukrainian prisoners of war are held. There are dead

Russian propaganda channels reported about a new shelling of the colony in which about 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed earlier.

Ukrainian militants shot Olenivka and killed one and wounded four prisoners of war who are being held in the Olenivka correctional colony. Pseudo-headquarters of the officially defunct so-called Donetsk Republic white that "Ukrainian militants from positions in Novomihaylovka continue terrorist shelling of Olenivka using NATO artillery calibre 155 mm." The new victims testify to the atrocities of the Russian Federation in the occupied territory. Putin's soldiers do not know what rights prisoners of war have, and most likely before the world community can help Ukrainian soldiers, they will all be dead and crippled.

Recall that the Russian army brutally shelled the same colony in July and blamed the Ukrainians for this, as in the new situation. The first attack claimed the lives of 40 prisoners of war, and 130 Ukrainian defenders were wounded in various ways.

CNN has conducted an investigation. They broke the Russian version of the Ukrainian attack.

"The video shows no funnels, no beds moved, no posts damaged, but massive damage from the fire," says the report.

According to experts, HIMARS would leave a crater and large destruction. But satellite imagery showed that only one building was damaged. It is therefore suspected that thermobaric weapons were used at the scene. The new shelling is also suspicious because no Russian soldiers are wounded, and 1 Ukrainian is killed. Could this have been hiding a prisoner of war's violent death?

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