Russian “Su-25” and “Su-34” Were Destroyed in Kherson Region

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Russian “Su-25” and “Su-34” Were Destroyed in Kherson Region

On October 18, the Air Force of Ukraine eliminated a Russian attack aircraft and a fighter with full ammunition

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine "grounded" an enemy Su-25 attack aircraft and a Su-34 fighter bomber. It is worth noting that the Su-34 was full ammunition, and as a result of the impact, it collapsed in the Rostov region.

"The South Air Command literally just reported that Su-25 rushists (Russian fascist — ed.) were shot down in the Kherson region. Also, 5 drones were shot down during the night and, as now reported, the 6th Shahed drone in the south of the country. Another Shahed was shot down by the air command East, a Air Force Command member Yurii Ignat .

According to Ignat, 4 enemy Caliber cruise missiles were also shot down. The rest, obviously, flew to destroy Kyiv and the Dnipro.

Yesterday, the Su-34 was also insignificant in full combat readiness. The pilot of an enemy attack aircraft deployed the plane to the Rostov region but did not take it away from the residential area, but catapulted over a house with people. The pilot deliberately chose to kill his compatriots rather than wait a few seconds and eject over a deserted field.

"The Russians posted a video of how the Russian Su-34 plane crashed in the Rostov region, the pilots ejected. This plane, with full ammunition, flew to launch missiles into Ukraine. That is, with their plane, the Russians destroyed their residential building, and there are dead," Yurii Ignat.

Since February 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed 65.850 invaders.

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