A Holy Lavra Under the Russian Attacks

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, June 2, 2022
A Holy Lavra Under the Russian Attacks

From 1526, the Holy Lavra was untouchable in each of the wars. And during the war of Russia against Ukraine, mines were dropped on the Lavra 3 times

Russian barbarians again fired at the Svyatohirsk Holy Dormition Lavra. This is a unique laurel carved into a chalk mountain around 1526. 3 chants died.

"On May 30, during the clashes, the 3rd and 4th monastic corps of the Svyatohorsk Holy Dormition Lavra suffered. During the shelling, the dean of the Lavra, Archimandrite Galaktion, the monk Aristokliy, and the nun Varvara were killed. Hieromonks Joasaph and Amphilochius and Hierodeacon Alypiy were injured," the Ukrainian orthodox church reports.

On March 13, May 4, and May 30, the Russians shelled and dropped bombs on it. About 300 refugees are hiding on the premises, including 50 children. 2 people were seriously injured.

The Svyatohorsk Lavra is unique because it is carved into a chalk mountain. It cannot be repaired or reconstructed. Its destruction will be irreversible.

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