Russians Buy Apartments in Mariupol

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 1, 2023
Russians Buy Apartments in Mariupol

Those who want to buy housing on the shores of Azov sea are not afraid of war, counter offensive, and ashes in the city

Since May 2022, the Russian occupation "authorities" in Mariupol have begun putting houses in the city up for sale. It is noteworthy that there were still hostilities in the city at that time. Today, 90% of apartment buildings and 60% of private houses in the city have been destroyed. Moreover, there is almost no electricity and water in the city, but this does not stop Russians from buying real estate in Mariupol.

This became known thanks to an extensive article of the St. Petersburg news portal Paper. According to Paper, the Russian construction company Uniform Customer entered Mariupol and claims that by the spring of this year, 1.829 houses have been reconstructed in the city, 36 houses have been built from scratch, and 321 emergency houses have been demolished. Moreover, about a hundred public groups are registered on the VKontakte social network, profiling the sale of real estate in Mariupol. These groups are popular, and those who want to buy an apartment in Mariupol are not at all embarrassed by the fact that this is an occupied territory of Ukraine and a war is being waged in the country.

"Some buyers said they recognise Mariupol as part of Russia and do not consider buying property in the occupied city risky. At the same time, most of the interlocutors have never been to Mariupol," Bumaga reports.

Those who want to acquire a hacienda on the shores of Azov are ready to buy real estate in any condition and even repair it after shelling. On the cover of this article, you see the current condition of the Mariupol coast: burned houses over the sea.

"My family and I started looking for housing in Mariupol because we want to live by the sea in a place with good ecology. Also, Mariupol still has quite cheap real estate and more attractive salary offers for my husband he works as an electrician. And the ecology in the city is much better than in Krasnoyarsk. It is terrible that hostilities may begin there again, but the war will not last forever," Irina from Krasnoyarsk.

Obviously, Irina from Krasnoyarsk does not know that Mariupol is an industrial city. The presence of the sea does not make it a tourist, and with the concentration of 7 the largest heavy plants of Ukraine on the territory of 1 city, this is hardly the "ecology" Irina dreams of. Paper confirms that almost all applicants for housing in Mariupol have relied on this city precisely because of the access to the sea.

Petersburg journalists report that 34 apartments and 35 houses are available for purchase for Russians who are not afraid of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. You can get acquainted with the assortment on Avito the same site where Russians sold things stolen in Ukraine.

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