Russians Destroyed Another Maternity Hospital

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Russians Destroyed Another Maternity Hospital

A Russian missile hit a maternity hospital in Kherson, where there were women after childbirth and doctors

On December 27, a Russian missile destroyed the maternity hospital named after Tropin in the city of Kherson. The building is completely destroyed. On the same day, 2 children were born in the maternity hospital, and the doctors completed a caesarean section an hour before the missile attack. The staff and 5 patients were in a bomb shelter.

Hunting for maternity hospitals is one of the national pastimes of the Russian army. A maternity hospital in Zaporizhzhia ― a child died. A maternity hospital in Mariupol ― a mother died with a baby in the womb. A maternity hospital in Zhytomyr ― 2 dead.

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