Russians Plan to Shell Ukrainian Churches for Easter

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 22, 2022
Russians Plan to Shell Ukrainian Churches for Easter

Due to possible terrorist attacks on churches where thousands of Ukrainians will stand in sacred service, churches will not work this year on Easter

Liturgy will be held online.

The Russian military administration, which has not yet realized the level of its predictability, accused Ukraine of preparing terrorist attacks against Ukrainians on the holy day. 

"On Easter night in Ukraine, a series of terrorist attacks may take place — the nazis are preparing massacres of civilians. After that, the Kyiv regime will blame the Russian military for perfection," a disgrace to the Russian army, colonel Mikhail Mizintsev.

History teaches that the terrorist attacks Russia accuses Ukraine of are an announcement of its own plans.

Culturological: On April 18, the Russians decided to renovate the 200-year-old church and installed a Z instead of a cross. The residents of the Sverdlovsk region, who now admire this miracle of architecture, said that the nazi symbol on the ancient church symbolizes the greatness of the Russian army. We are waiting for the Russians to do the same with the Kremlin.

On the cover of this article, you can see Easter eggs by Lithuanian designer Laimės Kūdikis. The eggs are painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and reflect the motifs of the current situation in Ukraine: the Ukrainian sunflower, the Ukrainian tractor, on which Ukrainian farmers steal Russian tanks, and the words of the Ukrainian folk song "Oh, there is red viburnum in a meadow." Thus, the designer supported Ukraine and congratulated Ukrainian Catholics on Easter.

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