Russians Shot Evacuation Column Near Kherson

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 7, 2022
Russians Shot Evacuation Column Near Kherson

On October 7, buses with civilians queuing to cross the Inhulets river came under rocket fire

The Russians continue to kill Ukrainians who are trying to escape the war. Earlier, the invaders shot at the evacuation convoy in Zaporizhzhia. Today the invaders opened fire against the evacuation buses in the Kherson region. A Russian terrorist act took place between Kherson and Nova Kakhovka: several buses with civilian Ukrainians stood in front of the bridge over the Inhulets river and were waiting for their turn to cross from the occupied region. 5 people were killed, 5 injured.

We remind you that Russia annexed the Kherson region and called the population of this region citizens of Russia. So why is the Russian army killing these people?

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