Russia’s Ruling Party to Be Recognized as a Terrorist Organization

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Russia’s Ruling Party to Be Recognized as a Terrorist Organization

The British labour party proposed to recognize the "United Russia" as the terrorist organization

Labour party deputy Liam Byrne suggested that British politicians consider granting terrorist status to the ruling party of the RF. He made this statement to his colleagues after he visited Ukraine. The statement was made during the discussion of the proposal to ban the issuance of all tourist visas to Russians.

The party United Russia was established in 2001. It operates on the territory of all entire Russia and counts more than 2 million people. But the most interesting thing is that its founders 21 years ago were Vladimir Putin, Serhii Shoihu, Yurii Luzhkov, and Mintimer Shaimiev. All these individuals, besides the deceased former mayor of Moscow, Luzhkov, are promoting war in Ukraine. Putin and Shochu act directly, they command the Russian armed forces. The first president of Tatarstan does not make public statements, but his daughter is the head of a large company that sponsors Russia in the war against Ukraine.

So, Britain has every right to consider the status of the ruling party of the aggressor country in the world.

"It is time to go beyond the phrase "Putin must be defeated" and set goals backed by commitments to provide military supplies to achieve them. I propose to consider increasing pressure on the Russian elite by declaring United Russia a terrorist organization, as we did in the case of ETA, Hezbollah, or Hamas, a ban on Russian tourist visas, and stronger guarantees for export (grain). For example, the no-fly zone over the Black sea," said Liam Byrne.

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