Sales of Ukrainian Startups to Foreign Clients in 2022

by Olga Povaliaieva
Tuesday, January 19, 2022
Sales of Ukrainian Startups to Foreign Clients in 2022

The year has just begun, but Ukrainians have already managed to attract investments and buyers for their startups

But, frankly, we’re talking about technology investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/startups/" rel="dofollow">startups now. Despite this fact, Ukrainians have something to be proud of. For example, a project from Odessa (southern part of the country) was presented to the world in 2009. During its existence, the project changed the specifics of the work and managed to attract a $7 million investment. But already last weekend, it was reported that the startup was sold to an American chip corporation, Qualcomm.

In the capital of Ukraine, Odesa, and the United States, there are offices of the Augmented Pixel Odesa project to develop navigation technologies. It is assumed that the Ukrainian startup is purchased to expand the team of Qualcomm specialists.

Carsifi is a Ukrainian startup that collected orders for almost $1 million before the project was launched. And this is another amazing story because the project's founder told about it only in December 2021. Carsifi is an adapter that helps connect your phone to a normal autostereo without a cable. It is not necessary to have Wi-Fi in the machine for this device since the adapter itself has a built-in module for transmitting the information. Orders for this project were $652.400 in early 2022.

The development of the Ukrainian startup culture and its success directly depends on the leap in the service business development and the increase in the number of unique IT specialists in the country. Therefore, by the end of the year, one can expect completely new statistics of sales and investments in startups of Ukraine.

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