Scary Figures: Russia’s Crimes in Ukraine in 3 Months

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Scary Figures: Russia’s Crimes in Ukraine in 3 Months

On 22 May, the office of the attorney general published data on crimes committed by the aggressor

The Russian invasion of a foreign country has brought much grief. Every crime of the aggressor country is recorded by Ukrainian and international services. For the period from 24 February to 22 May, the following crimes of the Russian Federation were documented in Ukraine:

  • 232 children killed;
  • 430 injured children;
  • 3.153 adults killed;
  • 3.316 injured adults;
  • 13.232 acts of military aggression against the civilian population.

This data changes every minute as rescue efforts are still underway in many of the liberated areas. Also, the prosecutor’s office does not record crimes committed in hot spots of Ukraine, as it is impossible to get there.

Over 13,000 war crimes include:

  • Bullying people;
  • Violence against women;
  • Violence against children:
  • Violence by men;
  • Torture;
  • Creation of a humanitarian disaster;
  • Propaganda of war;
  • Violation of the rules of warfare, etc.

6.153 crimes registered about the violation of national security. Among these crimes:

  • High treason;
  • Infringement of territorial integrity;
  • Sabotage;
  • Collaboration and other activities.

Russian occupiers throughout Ukraine have destroyed people’s homes at a total cost of about $600 billion.

Losses for business in Ukraine are already several trillion. However, the public prosecutor’s office and other agencies will be able to provide exact figures only after the war is over.

"On the loss of people... I think that there is no price," sums up the losses of the head of the Ukrainian state. 

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