Scholz Spoke With Putin About Ukraine for 1,5 Hours

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Scholz Spoke With Putin About Ukraine for 1,5 Hours

On September 13, the German chancellor had a lengthy telephone conversation with the Kremlin tyrant and urged him to stop the war

Today, during Olaf Scholz's telephone conversation with Putin, the chancellor called on the Russian to cease fire, completely f withdraw his troops from Ukrainian territory, and recognize Ukraine's territorial integrity and independence. The information was released by Steffen Gebeshtreit, speaker of the Bundestag.

"The 90-minute talk focused on Russia's war against Ukraine and its aftermath," Steffen Gebeshtreit.

According to speaker Gebeshtreit, chancellor Scholz understands the scale of the situation and its implications for Europe and the world and urged Putin "to quickly find a diplomatic solution based on a ceasefire, the complete withdrawal of Russian troops and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty." The chancellor focused Putin's attention that all subsequent attempts by Russia to annex foreign territories would not be recognized under any circumstances, and each of them would entail measures against Russian aggression.

Also, Olaf Scholz called on Putin to provide prisoners of war with treatment in accordance with the Geneva Convention and to allow the Red Cross to the prisoners.

A separate topic was the situation at the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Chancellor Scholz emphasized the criticality of the situation, the importance of stopping the Russian escalation and implementing the measures prescribed in the IAEA report.

Chancellor Scholz reminded Putin of the importance of respecting the grain agreements and urged "not to discredit the agreement and continue its full implementation."

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