Scythian Ceramics in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 27, 2022
Scythian Ceramics in Ukraine

In Ukrainian city, Lutsk, archaeologists found fragments of ceramics of early-lease time, which became a real discovery

This was told on his Facebook page by the scientific officer of the archaeological protection service of Ukraine, Viktor Bankk.

The Scythians left us a huge amount of gold artifacts. The most famous is the famous gold pectoral from the thick grave on the Dnipro. They also left many stone statues, so-called Scythian women, to mark their pastures. The Scythian "baba" had one characteristic that I would call her "men" — the statue had a mustache, like the Cossacks. Perhaps it was a sign of military equipment, as was the earring: it was worn in the ear of both Scythians and Cossacks. There is also a version that part of the Scythian hairstyle resembled a Cossack solid.

As Scythians lived mainly on the left bank of the lower Dnipro, up to the sea of Azov and the lower Don, and in the steppe of Crimea, finding artifacts related to them Lutsk — a big nonspecificity.

"The findings are probably due to the Scythian period, dated by the middle of 1 thousand years to our era. At present, the settlement of the original water slide between Stir and Sapalaievka and the need for archaeological support of works within the historical core of Lutsk is confirmed," said Viktor Bankk.

According to him, the Volyn archaeological expedition conducted a scientific examination in the central part of Lutsk.

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