Secret Decisions in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Secret Decisions in Ukraine

The US Senate meets in private to discuss a new aid package for Ukraine

CNN announced that US senators would hold a secret meeting on the war in Ukraine. The information centre refers to official sources in the Senate. According to the article, the Americans and Ukrainians have changed their relationship with each other.

Ukrainian authorities changed tactics in negotiations with the United States on obtaining the necessary weapons. Now Ukraine is preparing everything necessary to legally purchase F-16 fighters, anti-aircraft missile systems Patriot and Gray Eagle drones. The country where the war is going on hope to conclude long-term contracts for their supply. Ukraine also needs tactical ATACMS missile systems ranging from 300 km for a counter-offensive.

American senators appointed a private briefing after Ukraine achieved significant success in the counter-offensive, and Biden provided a new aid package. Recall that the Biden administration allocated $600 million to Ukraine in a new military aid package. Perhaps the American authorities saw Ukraine's readiness to fight for its territory and finally believed in the country's victory.

The briefing was held on September 19. Details and decisions of the Senate after the meeting have not yet been published.

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