Slovakia Supplies Ukraine With “Zuzana-2”

by Olha Povalaieva
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Slovakia Supplies Ukraine With “Zuzana-2”

On January 16, the MoD announced the 8th howitzer for the defence of Ukraine

The minister of defence of Slovakia announced the transfer of the Zuzana-2 howitzers to Ukraine along with the 7 howitzers that Ukraine received earlier.

"Slovakia stands firmly with Ukraine that is still fighting illegitimate aggression. Already 8th Zuzana2 howitzer is now safe in the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. SlavaUkraini," Jaro Nad.

At the same time, the UK announced that it would transfer Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, and Poland is ready to allocate 14 Leopard tanks to protect our state. Also, Ukraine is making every effort to obtain these tanks from Germany.

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