Solar Energy in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Solar Energy in Ukraine

In terms of its potential, the electricity production based on solar energy in Ukraine may overtake such European countries as Poland or Germany

Solar energy is one of the most promising and dynamic renewable energy sources. The annual increase in capacities put into operation is approximately 40-50%. In just the last fifteen years, the share of solar electricity in the global energy sector has exceeded 5%. The improvement of the technology for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules has led to a significant reduction in the cost of electricity. In more than 30 countries around the world (in particular, Germany, Chile, Australia, Mexico), solar energy has become cheaper than that obtained from traditional sources (oil, gas, coal). Over the past ten years, investments in solar power have totaled about $300.

The geographical location of Ukraine is favorable for implementing solar energy generation projects. The climate of Ukraine is characterized by a large number of sunny days. This is the primary factor that allows discussing the commercial prospects of solar power generation projects implemented in Ukraine. The state also declares broad support for renewable energy generation projects. 

Ukraine is taking the necessary steps to expand renewable energy sources and alternative fuels as part of its broader strategy to reduce dependence on traditional fossil fuels. It is estimated that Ukraine can increase its use of renewable energy tenfold and reduce its consumption of natural gas by 15% by 2030.

It should be noted that the climate and geographical position of Ukraine are favorable for the development of solar energy and the construction of solar power plants. Even the northern regions of the country have significant potential for developing this industry, which is not inferior to most European regions.

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