Sowing in Borodyanka

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, March 23, 2023
Sowing in Borodyanka

Farmers in the Kyiv region cleared the field from the remnants of Russian shells and shells

The city of Borodyanka, Kyiv region. It was in this small town that the Russian invaders broke into in the first place. Borodyanka was strategically crucial for the encirclement and destruction of the capital — Kyiv. As we already know, the terrorist plan failed. However, many Ukrainians were killed, tortured, and buried alive, and the land of tBorodyanka literally bears evidence of the intense cruelty with which the Russians came to our country.

In the photo, you see the remnants of Russian shells, which the farmers in Borodyanka removed from their field. Recall that the Russians stayed in Borodyanka for less than a month.

As of the end of March, Ukrainian pyrotechnicians seized more than 400,000 Russian explosive mines and shells from Ukrainian lands.

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