Spain Invests €1.5 Mln in Ukrainian Culture Preservation 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Spain Invests €1.5 Mln in Ukrainian Culture Preservation 

The Spanish government will help to build a cultural hub in Lviv

On 16 February,  the minister of culture and information policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko met with the ambassador of Spain Ricardo Lopez-Aranda Jagu, and the culture counsellor of the embassy of Spain in Ukraine Javier Fuentes Lech. During the meeting, the sides discussed the development of culture, cultural heritage, and media. The result of the meeting was an agreement on cooperation – the opening of a cultural house in Lviv. The Ukrainian ministry of culture and information policy officially informed about this.

The UNESCO program is implementing the project of the cultural hub. However, Spain will participate in the cooperation of artists and spend on creating cultural chaos in Lviv. In general, Madrid is ready to allocate €1.5 million.

"Spain is now taking some measures to support the art of Ukraine, for example, a large exhibition In the eyes of the storm. Avangard in Ukraine at the Museum of Tissen-Bornemias in Madrid. The ambassador especially noted the quality and success of the exhibition. We need more such facilities, which we have agreed on. We are working on deepening our relations," also told the Ukrainian minister.

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