Museums of the Netherlands Speak Ukrainian 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Museums of the Netherlands Speak Ukrainian 

The first lady of Ukraine implemented a Ukrainian-speaking project in 2 museums 

Olena Zelenska informed about the implementation of the project related to audio guides in different countries of the world. Together with the embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, she provided refugees with an opportunity to learn about the famous museums of another country in the Ukrainian language. So far, the Ukrainian initiative will operate in the museum of collector and patron Abraham Bredius, as well as the museum of Maurits Cornelis Escher in the palace of Lange Worhaut.

The reason for creating such a project was the number of Ukrainian refugees. The Netherlands accepted 100.000 people.

"Almost half of them have already got a job, trying to keep their lives alive until they can't go home. In almost a year of the war, during which Russian invaders bombed and looted so many of our museums, we have learned to appreciate art in particular. So fragile, it confronts war and savagery with its very existence, giving hope that the human spirit will surely overcome destruction and brute force. And of course, the world heritage should say this in Ukrainian – the language of Ukraine, which is fighting for human values," said Zelenska.

Similar projects have already been implemented in 36 countries – 56 cultural sites have the function of a Ukrainian audio guide.

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