Spain to Supply Missiles for Patriot Systems to Ukraine Amid NATO and EU Pressures

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, April 26, 2024
Spain to Supply Missiles for Patriot Systems to Ukraine Amid NATO and EU Pressures

Spain has decided to provide Ukraine with missiles for Patriot air defense systems, despite ongoing pressures from NATO and the EU

The decision was reported by El Pais, citing government sources. This move comes after the Spanish Ministry of Defense declined requests to relocate one of its Patriot batteries, which has been stationed on the Turkey-Syria border since 2013, to Ukraine.

Key Details:

  • Spain's Contribution: The Spanish government will transfer a limited number of missiles to support Ukraine’s defense capabilities. The exact number of missiles is not specified, but it is noted that Spain’s reserves are around 50 units, emphasizing the high cost of these interceptors.
  • Patriot System Deployment: Spain possesses three Patriot batteries, each equipped with missile launchers, radar, and a control station. These systems were acquired from Germany in 2004 and 2014, with one currently stationed in Adana, Turkey, and the others in Valencia, Spain. One of these is utilized for training both Ukrainian and Spanish personnel.
  • Strategic Refusal: Spain refused to dispatch any of its Patriot systems, citing their critical importance in missile defense as demonstrated in various conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. The Spanish armed forces’ limitation in personnel also factored into this decision.
  • EU and NATO Dynamics: The report mentions that Spain, alongside Greece, faced significant pressure from European and NATO partners to augment Ukraine’s air defense. The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has proposed purchasing Patriot systems from countries unwilling to directly transfer them to Ukraine.

This development is part of ongoing international efforts to bolster Ukraine’s air defense capabilities in the face of escalating conflicts.

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