Spain: Ukrainians Need Saving

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 7, 2022
Spain: Ukrainians Need Saving

Madrid gave Kyiv ambulances for hard-to-reach places

On 6 October, the Spanish ministry of defence announced the departure of a new military aid party for Ukraine. 5 SUVs to provide emergency medical care are already on the road to be put into service by Ukrainian defenders. The new aid package included not only ambulances but also Anibal SUVs and 5 tons of medical supplies. The ministry notes that all medical and logistical facilities correspond to the needs of the Ukrainian army.

It is also reported that Madrid is already forming a new aid shipment. It will include 12 trucks. The machines will be transferred to Poland and then — from the logistics centre by Ukrainian sea routes.

Earlier, Spain handed over an aircraft with medical equipment and medicines to the armed forces of Ukraine. Also, Spain is ready to provide Ukraine with Leopards, which is crucial for the Ukrainian Armed forces. 

We remind you, that Germany decided to send to Ukraine more repair-recovery vehicles Bergepanzers.

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