Star of the Year — Not an Actor, Not a Singer

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, November 21, 2022
Star of the Year — Not an Actor, Not a Singer

"Financial Times" dedicated an article to the Ukrainian army commander-in-chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi

Ukrainian military leader Valerii Zaluzhnyi is not the first time appearing on the covers of famous foreign publications. This time, the British Financial Times drew the world's attention to the Ukrainian military commander. According to the newspaper, Zaluzhnyi helped to apply the course of the war with the help of unconventional visions and tactics. The article has the name We are beating them out of the slingshot: The Ukrainian "railway general" demonstrates the character.

Financial Times notes the accuracy of Ukrainian strikes against the positions of the occupiers. The Ukrainian army does not deal with random strikes, each projectile hits military objects. The article also noted the success of selected actions in the liberation of the Kherson region.

"In contrast to the slow rate of exhaustion that took place in Kherson, Zaluzhnyi and his generals then took advantage of the moment. In September, they carried out a counterattack, which forced Russian soldiers to flee in a hurry, leaving everything from tanks to boots," the authors of the article mentioned the liberation of the Kharkiv region.

Valerii Zaluzhnyi commands the army, allowing each officer to realize his potential. The military commander knows how to delegate responsibilities and trusts those responsible for a particular direction on the front — believes that the person on the battlefield can make the correct decision. The same applies to the weapons used. The Ukrainian army repeatedly struck large enemy targets with alternative weapons. So, it's hard to remember the commander-in-chief of any other country who got so much recognition in his lifetime from foreigners.

Ukrainians are amazing people. Ukraine is a country of potential.

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