State Investment in Private Processing Enterprises

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, October 22, 2023
State Investment in Private Processing Enterprises

Ukraine has launched a grant program for businessmen developing the sphere of processing/production of goods for local consumption and export

The state is interested in developing the processing sector, that's why was launched a grant program to stimulate Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Businessmen who specialise in the field or have no experience there are eligible to make a business plan and apply for a grant. As of early October, 555 Ukrainian entrepreneurs joined the state program and collectively received about $5 million from the state for the development of their businesses. Out of the total number of enterprises, 100 were built from scratch. It is vital that processed products will become household products in both domestic and foreign markets.

Particularly profitable are enterprises for processing round timber into sawdust and other wood materials (since they can be sold both in Ukraine and exported) and processing construction waste. The largest number of entrepreneurs who received grants are located in the Kyiv (26%), Lviv (14%) and Dnipro (8%) regions.

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