Zero Waste Kyiv

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 28, 2022
Zero Waste Kyiv

In Kyiv, since the beginning of the war, collected and processed almost 80.000 m3 of garbage

The RF’s invasion of Ukraine had brought difficulties to the country’s green development. Enemy weapons not only pollute the air but also bring catastrophic damage to the ground, they later become debris. Kyiv municipal service notes that since February, they felt difficulties, as the occupiers left a lot of garbage and traces of life in the Kyiv region. However, the company claims that all the trash is not taken to the landfill and graded for further processing. Recall that earlier, the Israeli company wanted to help in the recovery of Ukraine with recycling systems.

At the moment, Kyiv has installed 4.000 containers for sorting garbage. Ukrainians can throw into separate containers:

  • Paper;
  • Glass;
  • Degrees;
  • Lamps;
  • Medical waste;
  • Hazardous waste;
  • Plastic, etc.

The municipal service reported that the sorting system is popular among the residents of the capital, and the cleaning services continue to remove from the streets the destruction after the Russian attacks. In just 8 months of the war, 700 particular garbage cans were collected in the capital of Ukraine. This is about 80.000 m3 of various waste. They’ve already been taken out and sorted at special stations.

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