Sting and Moby Speak Out About the War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, December 3, 2022
Sting and Moby Speak Out About the War

Artists called to make donations to help Ukrainians in the winter and named the reason that makes the war so horrifying

From the very beginning of the Russian war against Ukraine, the Sting supported our people both in word and deed. In March, Gordon Sumner took part in a series of charity concerts, Stand Up For Ukraine, and in April, together with a Ukrainian cellist, he performed the composition Russians. All funds raised were donated to help the Ukrainians.

On December 2, the artist called on his audience to help the Ukrainians, who found themselves without light and heat in winter.

"Parts of millions of people are teetering on edge, and they desperately need your help. Providing them with warmth will probably be the most important battle of this war. The Renew Democracy Initiative will provide Ukrainians with fast food, sleeping bags and other items needed to survive freezing temperatures. Give warmth to Ukrainians this winter," Gordon Sumner.

Moby took part in the information campaign and condemned Putin, who kills people because of his own ignorance.

"One of the things that makes the war in Ukraine so especially horrifying, in addition to the violence, in addition to the death and the unnecessary carnage is the stupidity of it. Because if you look at the last hundreds and twenty years, almost every time that a large nation has tried to annex or take over a smaller nation it's failed. If wherever it's Vietnam, whether it's Russia and Afghanistan, whether it's the united states in Afghanistan, the US in Iraq. Large nations trying to take over smaller nations — it almost always fails. And that's what makes it so horrifying. Because people are being killed and the violence and the destruction, and it's all based on Putin's unwillingness to actually learn from history. It's just horrifying," Richard Hall.

Today, Ukraine is also popularized by Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn and many other influential media people.

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