Stolen by Russia Treasures Returned to Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, March 12, 2023
Stolen by Russia Treasures Returned to Ukraine

In the USA, confiscated from Russians cultural property stolen in Ukraine during the war

Baggage containing antiquities belonging to persons of the Russian Federation was found on one of the American borders. Border guards at Kennedy airport in New York found swords and axes, which were handed over by experts. American experts were able to establish those day items were manufactured in the III (axe) and XI-XXI (swords) centuries BC. American scientists were also able to establish the origin of cultural property – Ukraine. Therefore, the process of returning ancient things to their country of origin has now begun.

"We can argue about their value. Personally, I will tell you that they are priceless. They are priceless because they belong to the Ukrainian authorities," said the US border service.

The chairman of the board of the archaeologists union of Ukraine, Yevhen Synytsia reports that the value of discovered items can be estimated by me in several billions of dollars, usually, only insurance for such cargoes costs $1 billion. However, the expert notes that not the price is essential in such things, but the importance for the national culture. Unfortunately, during the war, which Russia arranged, cases of theft of valuable artefacts are very many. Yevhen Synytsia says that the Russian invaders steal from museums, and even something is found and taken from the occupied parts of Ukraine to Russia during the construction of defensive defence positions.

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