Strengthening Preventive Measures of Sanctions’s Circumventions

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, April 9, 2023
Strengthening Preventive Measures of Sanctions’s Circumventions

Under the leadership of Robert Habeck, Germany will intensify the fight against the methods that Russia uses to continue the war against Ukraine

German economy minister Robert Habeck addressed the German finance Ministry with a statement that Germany should more strictly and scrupulously monitor the work of German companies that continue to work with Russia through third countries.

"We owe it to the people in Ukraine, not least," stressed the minister, who recently was in Ukraine.

Since the outbreak of full-scale war, Western states have imposed 10 packages of sanctions, but Russia continues to find ways to continue trade and exports. And not without the help of businessmen from the same states that imposed these sanctions. Thus, Russia receives not only the money to continue the war but also the technical components necessary for weapons that kill Ukrainians. Habeck said that Germany can learn from Denmark in tracking such manipulations, which is very attentive to checking commodity traffic for "anomalies."

"If there are such anomalies, for example, a large number of certain goods that previously went to Russia, now suddenly have to be delivered in almost the same amount to another 3rd country, this is a reason to pay attention," Robert Gabek.

The minister proposed a list of methods to combat such illegal manipulations and "jointly strengthen our bodies." It is essential that the Ministry of economy, which is headed by minister Habeck, is engaged in the fight against illegal business conduct and cooperation with sub-sanctioned Russia. It is expected that the work will not be shelved.

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