Terrorists Help Terrorists

by Olha Povalaieva
Friday, January 20, 2023
Terrorists Help Terrorists

Iran to send 150 troops to occupied Ukraine to control drones

The Israeli channel Abu Ali Express reports that Iran plans to move Hezbollah fighters from Libya to assist the Russian aggressor. Iran wants to allocate about 150 soldiers from the temporary militarized organization. It is noted that they will operate drones in occupied parts of Ukraine, protecting Russia from losing territories. The management of the work of a suicide drone, which can be placed in various military formations, is discussed.

The Israeli source also reports that the first step towards the actual support aggressor has already been completed. In December, a meeting of Hezbollah soldiers was held at the officers' headquarters in Dimas, Syria. Note that Shahed kamikaze drones are being collected at Dimas airport. However, there is no official information about the provision of such military support to the Russian Federation and the timing of its implementation.

It becomes unclear why Iran, which does not confirm the provision of its killer drones to the RF, is going to send fighters, not instructors. Recall that for more than 3 months Russia has been destroying Ukraine with the help of Iranian drones Shahed.

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