The Ambassador of the RF Ran From the Meeting of the UN Security Council

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
The Ambassador of the RF Ran From the Meeting of the UN Security Council

Charles Michel from the rostrum called Russia responsible for the food crisis. In these words, the ambassador left the session

According to the European Council website, during his speech before the UN Security Council, Charles Michel dotted the T's and called Russia the only fault in the world food crisis.

"Ambassador of the Russian Federation, let's be honest. Kremlin uses food supplies as an invisible missile against developing countries. The dramatic consequences of the Russian war have spread all over the world. This increases food prices, pushes people into poverty, and destabilizes entire regions. Russia is the only one to blame for this food crisis. Only Russia. Despite the Kremlin's campaign of lies and misinformation," Charles Michel said in his speech before the Security Council.

A few weeks ago, Charles Michel was in Odesa and saw millions of tons of Russian-blocked Ukrainian grain with his own eyes. The grain that has been raised and collected in order to feed other countries. Russian warships destroy Ukraine's transport infrastructure, preventing food exports even after the blockade of ports. Moreover, because of the occupation of Ukrainian agro-cultural regions and the replacement of Ukrainian chains, there is no possibility to grow and harvest crops. The plan was met by 75% of last year's indicators this year.

In support of Josep Borrell's statement, Charles Michel emphasized that Russia deliberately made its military goals of grain storage of Ukraine. Consciously striking the bread of the breadbasket, Russia continues to steal Ukrainian grain and calls the guilty in the food crisis. That are, according to the president of the EU Council, a manifestation of Russian cowardice and deformative propaganda.

"Let's turn to the facts. The EU does not impose any sanctions on Russia's agricultural sector. Zero. And even our sanctions against the Russian transport sector do not go beyond the EU. You (address to the ambassador of Russia who is leaving the meeting – ed.) you can leave this room. Probably it will be easier to listen to the truth. Our sanctions do not prohibit vessels under the Russian flag to transport grain, food, or fertilizer to developing countries. On the contrary, the EU is doing everything to help Ukraine with agricultural export and to support Ukraine's agricultural sector in the next season," Charles Michel.

Michel emphasized that food security is now a priority for the EU. Therefore, the EU Global crisis response team will do everything possible to stop the development of hunger.

"To do this, we have to unblock the Black sea. We fully support the efforts of secretary-general Guterres to find a solution for opening maritime routes for Ukrainian export. We will actively contribute to the work of the global crisis response team, and we will cooperate with the G-7 and the African Union," Charles Michel.

Unfortunately, Russia's ambassador to the Security Council did not listen to this speech because the Russian ear is not susceptible to the truth.

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