The Civil Aircraft Was in the Sky of Ukraine for Several Minutes

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, June 25, 2023
The Civil Aircraft Was in the Sky of Ukraine for Several Minutes

The aircraft "Enter Air" on the route Poland-Turkey bypassed the storm in the airspace of Ukraine

Since February 24, Ukrainian airspace has been closed for obvious reasons: missile danger. On the afternoon of June 23, the Polish passenger liner Enter Air avoided a thunderstorm and entered the sky over Ukraine for about 20 km. Pilots were sent to Ukraine by Slovak air traffic controllers. The pilots were in touch all the time; the flight was successful, uneventful, and in accordance with safety requirements.

This is not the first time that planes and their courageous pilots still enter the sky over Ukraine. For example, the Ukrainian airline SkyUp secretly evacuated its Boeing 737-800 aircraft from Boryspil Airport (Kyiv). No one knew about the operation until its successful completion. Now Boeing 737-800 operates on European routes.

Also, in September 2023, Wizz Air evacuated a commercial aircraft to Poland, and in December 2022, 2 military transport Airbus A400M successfully flew from Ukraine to Turkey.

This gives reinforces the hope of finding an option to resume air traffic for Ukrainians.

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