The Concept of “Baykar” Plant in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, September 12, 2022
The Concept of “Baykar” Plant in Ukraine

"Baykar" unveiled the uterus of the future "Bayraktar TB2", "Akıncı" and "Kızılelma" drone factory

President Zelenskyy and Haluk Bayraktar met recently, where the Turkish businessman confirmed his intentions to build a Baykar plant in Ukraine. We remind you that the land for the plant's construction has already been purchased, and now Haluk Bayraktar shared the engineering plan of the plant, which will soon begin to be built near Kyiv.

The Baykar research and production centre area will be 30.000 m2, and the number of staff — is 300 people (that is, 300 employed Ukrainians). We remind you that Bayraktar Akıncı and Kızılelma drones are initially powered by Ukrainian-made MS-500 and AI-450 engines. Therefore, these 2 types of drones, as well as the Kızılelma fighter on the AI-25 engine, will be produced at the new plant. Also, other products of the Turkish brand will be produced at the facilities of Baykar, including a technological novelty previously unknown to the public: most likely, Bayraktar TB4.

We remind you that the president of Ukraine was awarded Haluk Bayraktar with Order of Merit of the 1st degree for strengthening the Armed Forces of Ukraine and helping to resist the aggressor.

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