The EU Adopted New Decision on Arms for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, March 12, 2023
The EU Adopted New Decision on Arms for Ukraine

The countries are ready to accelerate the delivery of military aid to Ukraine's defence 

Reuters reports that EU members accepted Josep Borrell's project on accelerated support for Ukraine. The decision was made during the EU defence Ministers' meeting in Stockholm. Now the Union has to draw up a plan to implement the project of a moderate supply of Ukrainian artillery. Borrell says this issue is being actively discussed and may be resolved at a meeting of foreign and defence ministers. Note that the meeting will be held on March 20.

Under the plan to acquire artillery shells and hand them over to the Ukrainian armed forces acceleratedly, the countries would be compensated. Each ally of Ukraine, following the new supply plan, will receive financial compensation of €1 billion. Josep Borrell's project also provides for the joint purchase of shells on €1 billion.

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