The European Parliament Decided on Aircraft for Ukraine 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 17, 2023
The European Parliament Decided on Aircraft for Ukraine 

On February 16, the EP adopted a resolution on the issue of supplying Ukraine with domestic supplies

The European Parliament respects the feat of the Ukrainian people, so the deputies discussed the forthcoming "anniversary" of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At the meeting, politicians discussed the supply of Ukrainian Armed Forces with aircraft. The deputies emphasize the emerging need not only for protection but also for the return of all its territories. Thus, was signed a joint resolution calling for the start of consideration of the possibilities of providing Ukraine with fighters. 444 deputies voted for the resolution. 26 representatives of the European Parliament opposed the vote, 37 abstained.

The document also calls on Western countries to provide Ukraine with helicopters, more ammunition, and missile systems and to confiscate Russian assets in favour of the neighbouring state. All Russian assets will be used for the reconstruction of the destroyed Ukraine.

"The resolution calls on the EU member states to adopt their tenth package of sanctions against Russia and its allies by the end of February and to expand its scope significantly. It also calls on the EU, member states, and their allies to make effective sanctions and take urgent measures to block any attempts to circumvent these restrictive measures. They also emphasize that after the war, Russia will have to pay serious reparations to contribute significantly to the reconstruction of Ukraine," the deputies of the European Parliament.

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