The European Parliament Votes to Invite Ukraine to NATO

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 15, 2023
The European Parliament Votes to Invite Ukraine to NATO

European Parliament urges to pave the way for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration and security system up to this point

On June 15, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for preparing conditions for inviting Ukraine to NATO and securing our country until then. The 425 MEPs supported the decision and stressed their expectations that "the accession process will start after the war is over and be finalised as soon as possible".

Before Ukraine enters full membership in the military alliance, the EU and NATO plan to develop and implement a system to secure Ukraine from further attacks by the aggressor country.

"Parliament emphasises that Ukraine's integration in both NATO and the EU would enhance regional and global security and strengthen the bonds between Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic community," European Parliament. 

On June 14, European deputies called for the Russian army's undermining of the Kakhovka dam as a war crime. This decision of the military-political leadership of Russia led to catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences, including deaths from drowning and ecocide.

"All those responsible for war crimes, including the destruction of the dam, will be held accountable in line with international law."

The Parliament emphasises the need to provide Ukraine with a comprehensive package of assistance to restore the infrastructure and industrial sector to a better than it was and by environmental principles of economic management. Cooperation between Ukraine and the EU is beginning to move along the course of preparing Ukraine for membership in the European Union, and therefore all reforms, as a result, should bring Ukraine to the level of a "carbon-free and digital modern European welfare state and market economy."

The European Parliament is awaiting the decision of the European Commission on the Multiannual financial program and the proposed Fund for the Recovery of Ukraine in the medium and long term.

The European Parliament confirms the decision to start negotiations on the inclusion of Ukraine in the European Union as soon as Ukraine fulfils 7 obligations to the European Commission. This is expected to happen in 2023.

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