10 “Leopard 1A5” Within the EUMAM Framework Were Sent to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, September 8, 2023
10 “Leopard 1A5” Within the EUMAM Framework Were Sent to Ukraine

Norway, Denmark and Germany are training Ukrainian tank crews at critical times to help Ukraine in the counter-offensive

The official website of the Norwegian Armed Forces reported that 10 Leopard 1A5 tanks, restored after many years of inactivity, were sent to Ukraine. It is known that this type of tank is outdated and has not been used by Western states for a long time, but for Ukrainians, this equipment is literally vital. And an even larger number of tanks, which Norway, Denmark and Germany are donating to Ukraine for free, are on the way.

As part of the international campaign, EUMAM, Norway, Denmark and Germany are restoring and transferring the Leopard 1A5 to Ukraine and are also training Ukrainian tank crews to use this type of weapon.

"It is an essential task. Denmark has sent some of our best tank instructors to Germany to train the Ukrainians in getting the most out of this weapon system. And I have no doubt that it will help them win the defence battle they are fighting right now,"  the head of the Norway army, Gunner Arpe Nielsen.

According to Forsvaret, not only active instructors of the Armed Forces of Denmark and Germany joined in training Ukrainians, but even retired military personnel: they paused their civilian jobs to participate in training Ukrainians.

"There is no doubt that the task the Danish tank instructors solve helps to make a difference in Ukraine. Together with Germany, Denmark supplies almost 100 tanks to Ukraine. With the effort our skilled and dedicated instructors provide through the training of Ukrainian tank crews, we ensure that the donation is converted into yet another powerful Ukrainian capacity for their defence struggle," defence minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

"What we are doing here makes 100% sense. And we go to the task completely, like when we train tank crews at home in Denmark. Regardless of whether we train Danes or Ukrainians, the quality must be equally high. It is clear that we do not have that much time because it is important that they come back to Ukraine and can help their comrades in the defence of Ukraine. But they are highly motivated, and they are good at listening, so we can easily dress them well for the battle that awaits them," сhief of staff at the Armored Battalion, major Kim Fonseca.

We remind you that Rheinmetall bought 50 Leopards 1A5 for Ukraine.

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