The first industrial energy storage system was launched in Ukraine

Friday, May 21, 2021
The first industrial energy storage system was launched in Ukraine

DTEK has announced the launch of an industrial lithium-ion energy storage system with a capacity of 1 MW and a volume of 2.25 MWh

DTEK and Honeywell are drafting a launch plan for the largest battery in Ukraine. In addition to Honeywell, SunGrid is also directly involved in the implementation of the project. The battery was installed in the city of Energodar for the accumulation and return of electricity to the network of Ukraine.

Today, energy storage systems are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the power generation industry, with growth significantly accelerating over the past 15 years. Installing and starting up the battery is the first step towards finding the optimal models for the operation of SNE in various segments of the energy market of Ukraine.

“DTEK is constantly introducing innovative strategy implementation, solutions, and technologies to improve the reliability, environmental friendliness, and efficiency of the energy industry. The future of energy is a rejection of a centralized energy system and a transition to a flexible, decentralized one. Much attention is paid to renewable energy, for the stable operation of which energy storage is vital. DTEK is the driving force behind the changes that will shape the future of Ukraine's energy sector. Cooperation with Honeywell is our contribution to national goals,” said Emanuele Volpe, Director of Innovation at DTEK.


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