The Germans Confidently Increase Support for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 19, 2022
The Germans Confidently Increase Support for Ukraine

In Germany increases the percentage of consent to the transfer of tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

According to the ZDF analytical bureau, the percentage of citizens supporting the transfer of heavy weapons to Ukraine's battlefield is increasing among the German population. From the beginning of November, the rate increased from 43% to 48%. At the same time, earlier 47% opposed Germany's participation in the supply of Western equipment, and now 41%.

The official position of Germany has not changed yet: the state will continue to support Ukraine with the weapons that have already been transferred earlier. The Green party insists on increasing the variety of weapons for Ukraine, and the far-right Alternative for Germany is against the supply of tanks. CDU leader Friedrich Merz advocates the transfer of tanks and armoured personnel carriers to our state's Armed Forces.

We remind you that Germany is launching the construction of its own military ammunition plant in order to strengthen its independence from third-party supplies. Potentially, this could mean an increase in the supply of shells to Ukraine.

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